60th Calif. State Square Dance Convention, Vision of Square Dance . . . Past, Present and Future
Mondiki will produce our State Convention outfits. The skirts will be a pointed style skirt, purple and a floral print (picture of floral print attached), with white lace. Skirts can be ordered in either petticoat or prairie style. Blouses will be a swirl or sweetheart style, purple with print yoke and white lace on the sleeve tips. Each outfit created by Mondiki is made with precision and care, and we are quite pleased with the quality of fabric and workmanship they use on each creation. Production time will be approximately 6-8 weeks following order. General information and order forms are attached. A matching tie for men can be ordered, and it is recommended for men’s shirts to be white, black or a matching purple. 2020_print
Convention Outfit General Info
convention outfit
Outfit Order Form
Several of you have seen our State Convention shirts. The State Convention shirts are an excellent way of promoting the convention at festivals and club workshops/dances. Shirts can be ordered directly from Queensboro. They are available in a Men’s style – Sport-Tek PosiCharge RacerMesh Polo and Ladies style – Sport-Tek PosiCharge RacerMesh Polo, purple in color with logo #18535546. Shirts can be ordered on the Queensboro’s webpage at Queensboro.com or by calling them at 800 847-4478 (generally I prefer to call). If you are a new customer use referral code
http://www.queensboro.com/ref/RRBOFAEOAOO and you will receive a $20 credit, and the State Convention will also.
Mens Shirt Ladies Shirt
If you would like a Convention badge, badges with a name and committee dangle cost $15.75 which includes sales tax. You can send your order for badges with payment to Dennis and Sheri. Badge
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