60th Calif. State Square Dance Convention, Vision of Square Dance . . . Past, Present and Future

2020 Featured Callers

Bob Baier
Sugar Land, Texas
  Jet Roberts
Antelope, California
Bob Baier

With over 43 years of experience, Bob Baier serves as one of the nation’s finest square dance callers. Bob’s introduction to square dance calling came at the early age of 15 after taking square dance lessons at the age of 11. He learned to call from Jim Hale and Red Dongue in 1970 at the Houston Callers Association. Since this time, he has enjoyed being involved in square dancing and calling. Bob calls in excess of 220 dance sessions a year.

Bob instructed his first square dance class in 1971 with two different teenage groups in Houston. Since he left Texas A&M in 1976 to become a full time professional square dance caller, he has been a featured caller for many festivals and dances in over 36 states and internationally in countries including Canada, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, and Germany. Bob worked with the Winter Texas in Pharr South for 19 years before taking a full-time job with the Harris County Toll Road. He is the field operations supervisor for the Patrons Emergency Assistance Team, or P.EA.T. It is Harris County’s first responders for their toll road system. He has been with H.C.T.R.A. for over 10 years.

In Houston he calls at various clubs around town and teaches two weekly mainstream/plus clubs (Frontier Squares and Hey Lollies) and an Advance group (Bob’s Best).

Born and raised in Houston Texas, Bob is married to his long-time love Dena. He has two wonderful children Michelle and Young Bob. Michelle is a graduate of U.T.D with her master’s degree in Communications Disorders. She and her husband Dustin live in Kingwood Texas and have a daughter, Lauryn. She is Bob and Dena’s first grandchild and the apple of their eye. Young Bob also lives in Kingwood and works for Harris County Fleet Services in Houston.

Bob records for Elite Records, which is owned by one of his best friends, Pat Barbour. He is an accredited member of American Callers’ Association. He is also BMI/ASCAP licensed. He also has a new record coming out called “Come On Ring Those Bells” on Ego records produced by his good friend Paul Cote.

When asked what he does in his spare time, he smiles and says square dancing, water skiing and “I just look forward to seeing you in a square.”

  Jet Roberts

Jet Roberts started calling in 1971 at the young age of eight years old. Three years later he was calling for three local clubs in the Sacramento, California area. He always dreamed of making calling his full-time occupation and by age 19 he was established as a full-time caller on the west coast.

To date Jet has been featured in all the western states and has traveled as far east as New York and into the New England states. Since 1993 Jet has been featured in other countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Holland, United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, and New Zealand and spent two years calling full time in Perth, Australia.

Jet calls levels from basic through A-2 and from the age of 10 he has never missed a year of teaching a beginner’s class and sometimes as many as three in a season. Jet believes that all callers should teach beginner classes as without them the activity will continue to decline.

During the national convention in Detroit, MI. in 2011 Jet became the newest staff caller on Rhythm Records which is considered one of the top record labels of all time with an all-star staff. Check out their web site to get your exclusive membership and get some of yesterday and today’s finest square dance music on the market. http://www.rhythmrecords.biz/

In the summer of 2004 Jet married Sylvia Bjork from Sweden. They had a beautiful wedding in her hometown of Orebro, Sweden with many friends from Europe and the USA in attendance. Jet and Sylvia are currently living in Antelope, California near Sacramento. Jet is the proud father of three girls, Lacey, Lindsey and Stella. Stella often attends the festivals with her father, and much to the delight of dancers will join him on stage with a singing call.

Jet is known for his smooth and interesting choreography and his singing calls are always a pleasure to dance and listen to. As a featured caller for the 2020 State Convention, don’t miss the opportunity to dance to Jet Roberts in a fun filled and lively atmosphere.

Joe Saltel
Pharr, Texas
  Mike Seastrom
Tarzana, California
Joe Saltel

Joe's introduction to square dance calling came at the early age of eight, when his grandfather assisted him in learning his first few singing calls. Joe has been actively calling and teaching Basic through A- 2 since 1971, and more recently C-1. He has been a featured caller for many festivals, conventions, and special dances in over 40 states (including Alaska and Hawaii), Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand and Sweden. Joe is a member of CALLERLAB and is BMI/ASCAP licensed.

As a recording artist, his voice can be heard on the Alliance, Arrowhead, Blue Star, Chic, Chinook, DJ, Dance Ranch, Hi-Hat, Rawhide, Riverboat, Royal, SDBob, and Silver Sounds labels, as well as many CD's and cassettes. Joe is also a member of SAG, and he choreographed and appeared in a made-for-TV movie, "Blue Skies".

Joe and his wife Chris married in 1982 and they have led ten successful tours/cruises to Alaska, the Caribbean, and Mexico (Puerto Vallarta and Cancun). Chris held a managerial position for 19 years and has always supported Joe's calling career. In 2001, they relocated from their home on the Northern California coast and now live full-time in the Rio Grande Valley of south Texas. Their daughter Tanya traveled and called onstage with Joe and has appeared on some of Joe’s CD’s; she is now 35 years old and a mother of her own four-year-old daughter Shania.

Joe and Chris spend November - April running a full square dance program in Pharr, TX. The remaining months they tour and travel domestically and internationally to call at festivals and special dances, and frequently visit their daughter Tanya and granddaughter Shania. Joe enjoys what he calls his vocation and avocation and feels fortunate to be part of this great activity.

For more info on Joe, including itinerary, schedule, etc., please check out his website: www.joesaltel.com

  Mike Seastrom

Mike Seastrom has been dancing since 1960 and calling since 1963. He started dancing after losing a bet to his mother and calling when he tried to show his 6th grade teacher what “square dancing was really like”. He taught his first class in 1963 after borrowing money from his folks to buy a small sound system and was able to pay them back before the class was over.

After receiving his doctorate in 1976, Mike joined CALLERLAB in 1977, and has been Chairman of several committees, as well as an annual presenter for interest sessions and seminars at CALLERLAB conventions. Mike served on the Board of Governors from 1984 to 2003 and completed a two-year term as the CALLERLAB Chairman of the Board in 1994. He was also awarded the Milestone Award in 2001 by two of his mentors, Bob Van Antwerp and Bob Osgood. He submits the monthly CALLERLAB Viewpoint articles to “American Square Dance” magazine and his articles have appeared in various publications around the world.

Mike teaches, calls Basic through C-1, prompts contras, and enjoys doing dance party events when his schedule allows. He is a strong advocate for the Multi-Cycle Method of teaching new dancers and enjoyed a very successful program with the Valley Trailers Square Dance club in California. Mike currently teaches for the Buckles & Bows.

Mike records for Rhythm Records, regularly does Caller Clinics, and helped produce an Introduction to Contra Dancing package for R & R Video, with the California Contra Callers Association.

Calling has given Mike the opportunity to travel extensively in the United States, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Australia,and Japan. Mike enjoys dancing as well as calling and still feels that “dancing as a team of eight” is the best recreation in the world.

As a practicing dentist, calling is an avocation for “Dr. Mike.” He feels so fortunate to receive such tremendous support from his wonderful and understanding family and staff.

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